Portrait of beautiful happy girl giving thumbs up.POSEIDON’s deliverables show the results from different phases in the project.

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R1 – Overarching vision of POSEIDON (Revised February 2017)
R2 – Personalisation in POSEIDON (Revised February 2017)
R3 – Report on scientific progress (Revised December 2016)
R42 – Healthy Eating app Development Documentation

D2.1 Report on requirements revised after pilot without interviews
D2.2 Report on Measuring of Impact
D2.3 v2 Report on Design of HW Interfaces and Software Interim report 2 (Revised October 2016)
D2.4 v2 Report on safety, privacy and ethical issues (Revised September 2016)
D2.5 Report on Standards (Final version July 2016)
D2.6 Report on guidelines for building technology for people with Down syndrome (Final version December 2016)

D3.1 Ontology and Language V2 – after review
D3.2 v2 Learning and reasoning module v3 (Revised October 2016)

D4.1 v3 Interface Strategy v3 (Revised October 2016)
D4.2 v2 Adaptive Tablet Interface v2 (Revised October 2016)
D4.3 v2 Interactive table v2 (Revised October 2016)
D4.4 v2 Virtual Reality System v2 (Revised October 2016)
D4.5 v1 HCI user and developer manuals (Revised October 2016)

D5.1 Development framework overview (Revised July 2016)

D5.3 Guidance repository
D5.4 Databases for integration of services (Revised July 2016)
D5.5 Poseidon Social Network
D5.6 v1 Integrated POSEIDON technology technical documentation (Revised December 2016)

D6.1 Evaluation protocols – after review
D6.3 Results of Pilot

D7.2 Initial Dissemination Plan new
D7.3 First Dissemination Report Nov13-Oct14
D7.6 Second Dissemination Report Nov14-Oct15 Final v3
D7.7 Third Dissemination Report Oct15-Dec16 Final
D7.8 Dissemination material (Final version December 2016)

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