About the Project

The POSEIDON project develops personalised and smart technology solutions to help people with Down syndrome become more independent and more included in society.

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The vision of POSEIDON

Most people with Down syndrome experience low inclusion in society. The main objective of the POSEIDON project is to exploit ICT as an instrument to inclusion in society, to increase the quality of life and support independence for people with Down syndrome. Another objective is to create a development framework, which can foster a wide range of services for people with Down syndrome. Read more about the vision in R1 – Overarching vision of POSEIDON (Revised February 2017).

Personalisation is one of the key elements in achieving our vision. Read more about this in R2 – Personalisation in POSEIDON (Revised February 2017).

We are actively fostering dissemination of our results in the scientific community. Read more about the scientific contributions in R3 – Report on scientific progress (Revised December 2016).

Project title

POSEIDON – PersOnalized Smart Environments to increase Inclusion of people with DOwn syNdrome.

Financial support

The project is co-financed by: Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commision.

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The POSEIDON-consortium contains a well-established mixture of small medium enterprises (SME´s), university and research institutes and Down syndrome associations. Partners from Germany, UK and Norway participate in the project. View Partners here.

Ethical guidelines

POSEIDON has created a framework to guide development of technology with ethical considerations embedded in the development process. The framework is based on the eFRIEND ethical framework, which was created for Intelligent Environments in general.

Advisory Committee

The project has appointed four external members to be part of an Advisory Committee. They provide expertise on Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities and ethics, privacy and security.

Why is the project called POSEIDON?

In Greek mythology Poseidon is the god of the sea. With his trident he can shake the earth and shatter objects. POSEIDON wants to shake pre-established assumptions and shatter preconceptions to help citizens with Down syndrome to show they are capable to be more active participants in our society.

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