Developers Guide

What is this about?

We share our experiences and tools gathered during the POSEIDON project with anyone who would like to develop an App for persons with Down’s syndrome.  

At this point we strongly recommend to consult our case-study “Developing using the POSEIDON framework by example of a Healthy Eating App”. This document illustrates how we used the POSEIDON framework in order to develop a healthy eating app.

You can download the whole Developer Guide here.

Why is it interesting for me?

Here we refer to useful documents and provide a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

What does the Developer Platform offer to me?

We offer requirement gathering methodologies, information about the user group, ethical and privacy checklist, a basic app to start with, special libraries and APIs and best practices.

What does it cost to use it?

Using the POSEIDON framework is free. All software is open source.  


We use the POSEIDON developer guide in order to convey to you lots of information on the POSEIDON framework and findings. Throughout the document lots of links will point to more detailed resources. Our case-study “Developing using the POSEIDON framework by example of a Healthy Eating App”  accompanies this developer guide illustrating how the POSEIDON framework was used to create a Healthy Eating app.

In the following the content of the sections of the developer guide are shortly presented:

Understanding the POSEIDON framework. This is important in order to get to know the existing architecture of technology and methodologies how to execute a fine-grained requirement analysis.

Mobile application tutorial.  We take you step by step through the basic usage of the POSEIDON infrastructure. You will use the Starter App  as working example. As the main theme of this tutorial is the communication with the infrastructure, you will go through code examples from the Starter App which explain the basic connection to the POSEIDON infrastructure. Links to the different resources assure that you can start developing.

Extending your app with context awareness. This tutorial explains the process on how you can integrate generated code from the context awareness methodology into a basic app. This is important in case you want to develop an app where different automatically detected situations (contexts) trigger functionality in your app. 

Info on user group. Here you can find a concise description on persons with Down’s syndrome as computer users.

Ethical, privacy and security principles. Once you have developed your first app idea, please read these, and check if all of the principles are taken into account.

Design user interfaces for persons with Down syndrome. In the first part you will find the general principles and how POSEIDON recommends to implement them. In the second part you will find developer guidelines with concrete examples what to use and what to avoid.

Lessons learned during our cooperation with the persons with Down syndrome. We address the requirement gathering, the app design and the app testing phase.

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