Pilot 1

Pilot 1 was conducted in Norway, Germany and UK. All in all, nine families took part. They tested all of the POSEIDON applications for four weeks in their homes. Quantitative and qualitative methods were used to collect comprehensive feedback from the users.

Extended pilot

In order to get feedback from as many as possible, we conducted extended pilots in all participating countries. People with Down syndrome and their carers were invited to meet the POSEIDON team and to get to know and test the POSEIDON applications. All together 28 primary and 22 secondary users took part.


The following deliverable summarises the results from Pilot 1 and Extended Pilot: D6 3 Results of Pilot 1_extended.

Pilot 2

Pilot 2 was conducted in all three participating countries in from May 2016. Nine families took part and tested all of the POSEIDON applications, in and outside their homes. Also in this pilot, quantitative and qualitative methods, were used to collect comprehensive feedback from the users.

In this pilot the system worked more reliable than during the first pilot and many problems could be solved by the users themselves. The central result of Pilot 2 is that using POSEIDON may lead to an increasing independency and autonomy of people with Down syndrome, a better organization of daily tasks and a higher mobility. Some recommendations were suggested from the users in order to make the applications more user-friendly and even more easier to handle. But all SUs of the pilot can see the potential POSEIDON has on independency and autonomy.

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