Personalisation is an important issue in the POSEIDON project. We aim to meet the needs of individuals with Down syndrome in ways that best suit their learning profile and ensure an optimal user experience. 

On this page we present some of the personalisation mechanisms in the POSEIDON system. More details can be found in R2 – Personalisation in POSEIDON (Revised July 2016).

The POSEIDON system allows the carer to choose settings and produce personalised content that will appear on the user´s mobile device through the app for users with Down syndrome.

Personal calendar reminders

On the web for carers the carers can create personal calendar reminders by adding text, images, voice messages and video clips.

Personal reminder

Personal route descriptions

By using the Home Navigation app the carer can create personal route descriptions by adding text and images of the environment as well as recording voice messages. This will make the route descriptions more concrete and easy to understand.


Personal shopping assistance

Carers can make shopping lists on the Web for carers by adding product images and prices. The user can be reminded about the shopping as well as how much money to bring. Everything will appear on the user´s mobile device through the Money Handling Assistance.


Supportive symbols

Some people with Down syndrome have low reading ability. For these users, carers can add symbols to the mobile app.

Symbols can be selected either from the POSEIDON’s own personalisation symbols, or other sym­bol sets, e.g. pictograms that are commonly used for symbol writing.

planned_route new_route like husk week2 calendar

Personal video clips

Personal video clips can be added to the calendar event by uploading a video file or adding a YouTube-link. The user with Down syndrome may also access video clips through a list of chosen videos.

Learn more about instructional videos here.

Colour schema

The mobile app for users with Down syndrome offers two different colour schemas: Poseidon palette or high-contrast palette. Both are visually clear, but the high-contrast option may suit better for users with visual impairment.

Color schemes

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