Workshops with other European countries

During the project we have organised three workshops for people with Down syndrome and their carers from other European countries. The purpose of the workshops was to involve other European countries than those participating in the project, to convey the ideas about the project as well as get requirements for apps and technology.

In addition to these international workshops, the project has organised several local workshops in each participating country with persons with Down syndrome and their carers. The purpose of these workshops, was to co-create the POSEIDON-system together with the intended users.

Workshop in Oslo

In January 2014 we arranged a workshop in Oslo with participants from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania. Read more about it here.

Workshop in Mainz

In August 2014 we had a workshop in Mainz with participants from Ukraine, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Portugal and Germany. Read more about it here.

Workshop in Teddington

The last POSEIDON workshop was held from 23rd to 25th of September in Teddington, UK. We had participants from France, Ireland and UK. In addition participants from the European Down Syndrome Association (EDSA) and the Scotts Project Trust. We tried POSEIDON apps, got feedback and had discussions about the usefulness of the POSEIDON project. Read more about it here.

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