App for Users with Down Syndrome

This app supports daily planning, traveling, shopping and personal video clips.
The main menu gives the user with Down syndrome the following options:

  • Routes – Start navigation by using planned routes
  • Preferences – Turn on/off position tracking and choose colour themes
  • Calendar – View planned events and add new events
  • Videos – View videos that are uploaded by the carer
  • Training – Access the Money Handling Training app
  • Shopping – Access the Money Handling Assistance app

Personalised events and routes

Carers can make personalised events in the Web for carers, and personalised route descriptions in the Route Creator app. The events and routes will automatically show up in the app for users with Down Syndrome.

Read more about personalisation in POSEIDON.

Video clips

Carers can add personal video clips to calendar events and to a video list.

Read more about personal video clips.

Money handling apps Shopping assistance

The Money Handling Training and Assistance apps are accessible from “Training” and “Shopping” on the main menu.


Download a free demo from Google Play

How to use the app

The app is developed by Tellu.

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