Shopping App

The Shopping App (on smartphone) supports the users on the spot – when they are out shopping. The app gives the user an overview of which products to buy, the price for each product and the total price including what type of coins and notes to pay with. 

Download the shopping app from Google Play

Making shopping lists on web

Carers can make shopping lists on the Web for carers by adding product images and prices. The Web automatically suggests the carer to create a calendar event that will remind the user to bring enough money for the shopping trip.

Money Handling Assistance app can be accessed from the App for users with Down syndrome.

Training in advance

The shopping lists synchronise with the Money Handling Training App in which the users can practice before they go to the shop.

Shopping Assistance

The shopping list reminds the users which products to buy. The app also contains a virtual wallet with the money needed to buy the products. When the users tick the products they find and want to buy, the total price is calculated. When the users press “pay” in the app, the amount of money in the virtual wallet decreases and the app suggests which coins and notes they should pay with.

The Shopping App is developed by Fraunhofer IGD.



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