Accepted papers

Three more papers have been accepted:

A short paper at the IE 16: `Money Handling Training – Applications for Persons with Down Syndrome´.

Abstract: Paying for goods and services is a fundamental activity of daily living. Persons with Down Syndrome face these situations as a challenge. Through the usage of assistive technologies, the project Poseidon aims to enable persons with Down Syndrome to be more independent. In this paper we describe a training application for handling money. The novelty is the concept of extending the screen of an application to a palpable table, which serves as novel interaction device. Furthermore, we design the user interface highly personalizable in order to cover a large range of learning profiles of persons with Down Syndrome.

`POSEIDON – Technische Unterstützung für Menschen mit Down Syndrom: Ergebnisse der ersten Pilotphase. Anna Zirk, Eva Schulze (Berliner Institut für Sozialforschung GmbH). At Zukunft Lebensräume Kongress in Frankfurt Germany.

CapTap – Combining Capacitive Gesture Recognition and Acoustic Touch Detection. Andreas Braun, Sebastian Zander-Walz, Stefan Krepp, Silvia Rus, Reiner Wichert, Arjan Kuijper.

Abstract: Capacitive sensing is a common technology for finger-controlled touch screens. The variety of proximity sensors extends the range, thus supporting mid-air gesture interaction and application below any non-conductive materials. However, this comes at the cost of limited resolution for touch detection. In this paper, we present CapTap, which uses capacitive proximity and acoustic sensing to create an interactive surface that combines mid-air and touch gestures, while being invisibly integrated into living room furniture. We introduce capacitive imaging, investigating the use of computer vision methods to track hand and arm positions and present several use cases for CapTap. In a user study we found that the system has average localization errors of 1.5cm at touch distance and 5cm at an elevation of 20cm above the table. The users found the system intuitive and interesting to use.

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