Collating ideas from people with Down syndrome

Collating Primary and Secondary Users Ideas for Home Navigation System

Over the last couple of weeks The Down’s Syndrome Association UK has been working with Unai Alegre (part of the team based at Middlesex University) in collating input from individuals with Down’s syndrome and their family-carers about what features of the Home Navigation System they would find useful.

Two questionnaires were developed (one for people with Down’s syndrome and one for their carers) and these were made available online and in hard copy for people to complete. The team at The Down’s Syndrome Association worked hard to ensure the questionnaires were accessible, using an Easy Read format, with symbols and pictures.

On 3 March, The Down’s Syndrome Association facilitated an evening meeting where a range of young adults with Down’s syndrome and their family carers were invited and the background to the Poseidon project and the Home Navigation System were explained. People then completed the questionnaires and these are currently being analysed by Unai.

In addition, The Down’s Syndrome Association used it’s social media outlets and website to distribute links to the online questionnaires and Unai reported that already he has a good level of response, meaning that the ideas of both primary and secondary users will be incorporated into shaping the functions of the Home Navigation System.

The photograph shows a number of the people attending the event.


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