Extended pilot in Norway

On November 29th we arranged an extended pilot in POSEIDON at Karde´s locations. Here we invited several young people with Down syndrome and their carers.

After feedback from Pilot 1, adjustments of the POSEIDON services were made in both functionality and user interface. We therefore wanted to test this out with the target group to make sure that we were moving in the right direction.

We divided us up over different rooms with different stations. What we tested out was:

Web for carers – Carers made calendar event and instructions by adding text, pictures and voice recording.

Mobile app – Calendar: The user with Down syndrome viewed the calendar event made by the carer, and added new calendar events directly on the phone.

Home Navigation app – The carer made two personalized route descriptions by adding text and pictures for each step. The users with Down syndrome trained on this route before they went out to follow the route description.

Mobile app – Navigation: The user with Down syndrome received the route description on the phone and followed the instructions added by the carer, outside.

All in all it was a very exciting and informative day, both for the organizers and participants!

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