Workshop in Oslo

This weekend we arranged a European workshop in Oslo with participants from Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Four people with Down´s Syndrome from these countries participated along with their helpers. The goal was to involve other European countries in the Poseidon project, convey the ideas about the project as well as get requirements for apps and technology.

What was on the agenda?


Warm-up game
The people with Down´s Syndrome presented information about their daily lives, interests, likes and dislikes. 
Lunch at Frognerseteren in the hills and forest above Oslo, and a quick look at Holmenkollen ski jump.

Interviews with the people with Down´s Syndrome and preparation for game and activity sessions. 

Social event: Dinner at Prima Fila restaurant in Oslo. 


Games and activities in different stations, such as playing Wii, using StoryCreator, AirVox – using hand gestures to make your own music, and more.

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